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Skill Workshops!!

Back Handspring Boot camp


We will focus on the strength, speed, and form you need to master a back handspring! We will work on all aspects of your handspring and help you get the skill you have always wanted!!

These Intensives are held twice a week for an hour! We will only be working on the specific skills inside the intensive! These classes are high pace with a low athlete to instructor ratio.  Please note we will only be accepting 20 athletes into each session! Once these are full we won't be adding any additional athletes.

Flip It and Twist it!


This class is focus on getting your tuck, layout, full, ect up and increase your height/technique of all your flipping skills! This class is a must for all level 3, 4, and 5 athletes!  

Walkover Workshop


This class is all about back walkovers. We will work on form, strength, and overall performance of every piece of your walkover through drills, spotting stations, and more

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Need help?

Not sure what class to register for? Unsure of what skills your athlete has? Shoot us an email or give us a call! Our staff would love to help you!


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