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What is Thunder Elite and who are you?

Thunder Elite is a really great cheer gym! All the coaches want us to have fun, do our best and work hard. I know this because I hear other coaches, who aren't even my own coaches, encouraging the girls on their teams. My coaches encourage my team to do our best, they get super excited and give us hugs. I feel like I am a athlete who is part of a team. My team works hard and all the girls on my team really want to be there. All the girls are friends and don't leave anyone out at practice. Ms. Candy and Mr David probably have a lot of work to do because they are the owners but they still come out and watch us during practice. They say hi to us, they smile at us and that shows me they care about us.

Ayla Frickey Age 8 Junior level 2 REIGN


What I think about Thunder Elite is that it’s really fun because on holidays and not even on holidays just on a regular day you get to do a lot of fun stuff.

But as an athlete I love Thunder Elite because you can advance your skills and go on a higher level! That’s always fun for everyone! Isn’ it?

I’m important to the team because I’m a flyer but without the bases I can’t be a flyer. We love each other no matter what.

Amanda Hazel Age 8 Junior Level 2 REIGN


Thunder Elite is the best cheer place ever. When you go to Thunder Elite you learn skills you think you would never learn. Throughout the year you get to relize how much your teammates mean to you and you get to bond with them. Lots of people injoy thunder camp. We should introduce ourselves we are Lindsey Schneider and Hailey Schneider. during practice we are happy to be with teammates and very joyful to be on a level 3 all star team. we are always happy at thunder during practice. when Thunder elite says they are good don't doubt them.

Hailey Schneider Age 11 (left)

Lindsey Schneider Age 10 (right)

Hailey Schneider Age 11

Senior Level 3 LIGHTNING

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