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Thunder Parents tell all!

What has Thunder Elite taught your child?

How has this impacted his/her life?


One of the greatest things my daughter has learned at Thunder Elite is how to be confident. This is her third year in All Star Cheer, and first at Thunder Elite, and we were worried about how she would react to being at a new gym. My daughter tends to get very shy and nervous in new situations, and shut down. Even at placements, she hardly threw any of her tumbling, being scared and anxious with all the new teammates and coaches. In the 7 months since then, we have seen such a huge transformation in her. Gone are the days of her worrying about not having a tuck or layout, or refusing to tumble at all because it wasn’t as clean as the other kids on the team. Gone are the tears from having to go to a tumbling class or private to pick up a needed skill for a routine. Being with a group of kids at her same skill level, and with coaches that are patient beyond measure, has done wonders with her confidence levels. She falls down, and she gets right back up without any complaint or whining, ready to go again and again until she gets it right. She doesn’t give up, and this has spread to other areas in her life, like school and home. Seeing my daughter being confident, in her team and herself, is such a gift and we could not be happier at Thunder Elite!

Parent: Madia Garvin

Athlete: Diana Garvin from Storm Senior Level 1


My daughter has been cheering for thunder for 6 years and the experience has brought about an amazing change in her. She was a very quite and shy little girl outside of the house and very slow to reach out to children her own age or adults. Since being involved at Thunder Elite she's not only come out of her shell she has thrived, she is very outgoing and loves to meet new people and face the challenges of life! The family atmosphere that Thunder brings with its amazing owners coaches and fellow cheerleaders has shown her to trust others even during hard times or through criticism it's coming from a place of love to help her succeed not only in cheer but in life as well and I will always be thankful to them for helping my daughter come out of her shell and become the beautiful young woman she is becoming

Parent: Reggie Narozniak

Athlete: Jaquilynn Narozniak from Storm Senior Level 1


Cheer has taught Alyvia that continuous practice is hard work but well worth it once you accomplish a goal or have a competition. She has learned a lot of awesome skills in cheer and it is taught her how to be a teammate and work with others. If you want something bad enough anything is possible!

Parent: Ashley Ross Pietsch

Athlete: Alyvia from Rays Prep Tiny Level 1


When I took my daughter into the Thunder Elite gym for the first time, I never would have imagined the impact this program would have on her. Since starting with tumbling classes, her coordination greatly improved as well as her confidence. After taking classes for about a year, we decided to join a Prep Team and that was the best decision we have made! Her confidence is through the roof, her skills have improved dramatically in a short period of time, and she has learned the importance of teamwork and working together to reach a common goal. I have seen her mature and grow in the best way possible. She has made good friends that she knows she can count on outside of the gym as well. Thunder Elite has been a fantastic decision for my daughter and our family and we are glad to be a part of such an amazing gym!

Parent: Alicia Osborn

Athlete: Jaide Hamby from Prep Junior Level 1 Black ICE

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