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Why I am LIGHTNING Struck!

I am Hailee and I have been doing cheer for 10 years!

Cheer is my life and when I stopped for a year to move from California , I felt like my life wasn't complete and I knew I had to go back to what made me myself

My friend from high school cheer is on a comp team in Washington and he new how much I missed being on the comp floor so he invited me to watch him and to scout for a new gym. I was really looking for a local cheer gym to succeed in and as I saw level 3 gyms preform I really didn't find one that stood out. Till I saw lighting preform and I was next to my friend and he said "We never beat them" and then I went on my phone to check thunder elite out and found out it was a 30 to 45min drive from my house and not in Washington where I live but in Oregon.


I went to there Facebook anyway and messaged the athletic director who was so willing to talk and as I was very nervous to meet them right then. I went on this hunt to find her during this competition as we planned to talk about joining, but I ended up find the owners Candy and David who were so welcoming and willing to talk to me about joining there program as well.

After talking to them I told 3 other gyms that I already found a gym. Then about a month later after convincing my mom that the commute was worth it I started at thunder and they have shown me and my family that joining this gym was an amazing choice and worth the drive. Practice is the best days of my week, and I am proud to be part of this program.

I love thunder because I will always excel every practice and when I walked over to your section I felt nothing but love between the teams you all looked so happy!

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