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Whether this is your child's first time tumbling or they are ready to work on their full we have a class for them! All of our classes focus on teaching through positivity, repetition, and proper progression to ensure every class is fun and safe! By following the proper progression of skills we develop self confidence in all our athletes all while having fun in a safe environment.

Tumbling classes are 50 minutes long and run once per week for 3 months. All our classes are $149.

Tumbling Classes

Tumbling Classes: Start Here!

Level 1

Level 1 Tumbling


​Level 1 classes are the best place the start! Level 1 classes require no experience to register! Level 1 tumbling is where we establish your athletes foundation for all the skills to come! With proper technique and learning through our safe progessions your athlete will build confidence and security in their skills and self!

We will work on things such a handstands, forward rolls, cartwheels, bridges, and more!

Walkovers Class


Once your athlete has mastered their handstands, cart wheels,and bridge its time to focus on their walkovers!


This class is specifically to work on front and back walkovers. It is a great class to take in addition to level 1 or on its own. Walkovers is open for ages 5-18. 

Tumbling Classes: Master your Back Handspring!

Level 2

Level 2 Tumbling


Congratulations on completing level 1! If you or your athlete is ready to register for a master your back handspring class they must be able to show our instructors all the skills listed in the prior level 1 class. If you aren't sure if you or your athlete is ready for this class checkout the level 1 classes!


In these classes we will not only focus on mastering your back handspring, but we will also be focusing on the following skills:

  • Back Walkover Back Handspring

  • Back Handspring Stepout

  • Round Off Back Handspring

  • Round Off Series

  • Specialty Running/Standing Passes

Tumbling Classes: Back Tucks and More!

Level 3 and more

Level 3 Tumbling

Way to go! Congrats on making it to level 3!

In order to be in level 3 and begin working tucks or your athlete must have completed all the skills in level 1 and level 2! If you aren't sure if this is the correct class for you feel free to checkout our other classes!


In level 3 its finally time to learn how to "flip"! Plus we will also be focusing on the following skills:

  • Round Off Back Handspring Tuck

  • Round Off Tuck

  • Front Tuck

  • Aerials

  • Standing Series

  • Front Handspring to Tuck

  • Other Specialties

Level 4/5 Tumbling


AMAZING JOB!! We are so excited to help you continue mastering all your skills! Layouts and Fulls class is all about flips and twists! We will be working on lots of awesome skills, but just like all the other levels you will need to be able to perform all the skills from Level 1 all the way up to Level 3!


Checkout some of the skills we will teach you or your athlete!

  • Round Off Back Handspring Layout, Full, and Double Full

  • Standing Tuck

  • Front Tuck Step Out

  • Whips

  • Standing Series to Tuck, Layout, and Full

  • Front Handspring Front Tuck

  • Standing Full

  • Other Specialties

Tumbling classes are 50 minutes long and run once per week for 3 months. All our classes are $149. Classes are auto enroll. If you wish to cancel your registration just contact us! We are looking forward to you becoming apart of our Thunder family!

Need help?

Not sure what class to register for? Unsure of what skills your athlete has? Shoot us an email or give us a call! Our staff would love to help you!


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